Hi all!  Welcome to The Bone-afied PA-C blog!  We are two orthopedic physician assistants who work in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida!  We hope you’ll gain some insight into our daily lives, take away a little orthopedic knowledge, and continue to follow our journey.  We chose to start an orthopedic blog because we noticed that while there are many general blogs related to PA school and the PA profession there are not many that focus on specific specialties, especially orthopedics.  During PA school, orthopedics was taught fast and furious leaving many of our classmates stressed.  Therefore, we’d like to help those going through PA school with some inside knowledge and for those currently working as PAs provide new tricks and have discussions about different ways to treat orthopedic conditions.

We are also excited to share our stories of how we got here.  Our paths crossed about 5 years ago while Katie was observing a PA that worked at Emily’s office who ultimately became a big role in both of their lives (shout out to you, Larry Collins!)  We chatted about the PA school application process and little did we know we’d be accepted into the same PA program one year later!  Our friendship was meant to be for so many reasons; we both grew up as ballet dancers which is where our love for the musculoskeletal system stemmed from, both of our fathers work in accounting/banking, we are both transplants from states that have winters (..ew), becoming a physician assistant was a second career for both of us & we share the same love of bones, cheese, and traveling.  A friendship like this will last forever!  

Though our lives growing up have been so similar, our orthopedic journeys have been different over the last year and a half.  We will be sharing the differences between a hospital based versus clinic based practice, taking a look at a day in the life in the operating room, the PA school application process, we’ll go through the PANCE blueprint with helpful buzz words, tips and tricks for procedures/casting/splinting, how to read orthopedic imaging and other fun orthopedic topics.   Not only do we love bones, but we will also be sharing a variety of some of our favorite things that we can’t live without while at work and in our non work lives.

We’d love to hear from you!  Tell us what topics you’d like to hear about, what your interests are (bones or not), and types of things you’d like to see on our blog page and Instagram.

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