“So I’ve gotten into PA school, what do I do to prepare?” 

Congratulations!!  You are about to embark on some of the most challenging and rewarding years of your life!  We both feel that pursuing a career as a PA will allow you to continuously learn, thrive in the field of medicine, and make a huge impact on your patients’ lives.  We would like to emphasize the importance of a healthy work-life balance (or PA school-life balance!)

Pre-PA students commonly ask PAs, “What should I be doing in the months leading up to PA school?”  Everyone is going to give you different advice.  As a PA, you will become a lifelong learner.  The biggest takeaway we can offer is that as much as you want to cram info into your brain and be “well prepared” to take on the first day of school, there is no amount of studying that will prepare you for what you’re about to experience!  Your professors will give you everything you need to prepare you for each of your courses.

Katie’s life leading to PA school:  Lounging on the beach reading a good book, Sex and the City reruns, a cruise to Mexico with a friend, and hot yoga multiple days a week. This was my life leading into PA school.  I was working as a radiology tech and quit my job 3 months before our first day of PA school so I could sit back and relax before the chaos began!  Focus on your mental health, get into a fitness routine, and do whatever it is you enjoy.  Start fueling your body with healthy foods. This is something I didn’t do well in PA school.  I spent so much time focusing on exams that I would put working out and eating well on the back burner.  Go out and enjoy your family and friends!

Emily’s life leading up to PA school:  I worked up until a month prior to PA school mainly because I needed money.  The month prior to PA school I went on a 3 week trip backpacking through SE Asia and spent an extra week before and after my trip visiting friends in California.  I did not study, pick up a book or even think about PA school which was what I was told by students who had been through PA school prior to me.  I cannot stress enough NOT to study or prepare at all.  Enjoy your life, spend time with your friends and family, organize your closet, clean your house, go on a shopping spree… you will not have time for any of these things once school starts. 🙂

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