Obstetrics and Gynecology Rotation

  • Katie spent most of her days split between 2 outpatient clinics (30 or 50 min away from home). One day a week my attending would have outpatient surgeries scheduled that we would do prior to clinic that day.  When a baby was about to come into the world we would leave clinic and head to the hospital (live or cesarean).   I felt very lucky because most of our OBGYN rotations didn’t include obstetrics, but I was able to see some (1 live birth and assisted 3 cesareans’ which I loved and also teared up every single time).  This rotation consisted of a lot of late nights and long hours. Highlights:  extremely hands on with procedures in clinic and the OR.
  • Emily’s rotation was 1.5 hours from home, she again stayed with the same friend for her psych rotation who was a former Barry student. Her rotation did not have an OB component which was unfortunate.  She mostly saw routine care and problem visits in women older than 40.  Probably her least favorite rotation but she became an expert at pap smears and finding the elusive cervix.
  • Advise: Make sure or try your hardest to have an OB component. It was very hard for Emily to learn OB for EOR as she was never exposed to it.  If your program doesn’t have OB options readily available, try to set this rotation up on your own.  Every PA student should have the opportunity to see a live birth!
  • Prior to starting this rotation brush up on: breast exam, pelvic exam, pap smear exam techniques, what happens at each pregnancy visit, stages of labor/birth, screening schedule for women including colonoscopy, dexa scans, adult vaccinations, birth control types and who can and cannot have what, STDs (detection, and treatment)
  • In this rotation keep in mind patient privacy. Always ask before you touch, treat the patient how you would want to be treated laying on the exam table.  Uncover only what needs to be covered. Explain everything before you do it.  Ask repeatedly if they are comfortable and or have any questions.

Do you feel like you had a good mix of OB and GYN on your rotation?  What was your favorite resource you used?  Email us at theboneafiedpac@gmail.com! 

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