Pediatrics Rotation

  • Katie’s last rotation! Hooray! My days were spent in a very small outpatient pediatrician’s office with 3-7 other students- it was overflowing with students.  We would take turns seeing patients and the rest of the time was spent studying!  The majority of patients that I saw were for well child checkups, developmental milestones, immunizations, school physicals & the paperwork associated (my rotation happened to be right before school was starting). I was thankful for the time to study because it was getting closer to taking boards so I took advantage of the time.  This was my most laid back rotation (which I welcome) and also my least favorite rotation.
  • Emily’s rotation was inpatient based for half of the rotation and in a hospital clinic for pediatric rare diseases for the last half. This wasn’t my favorite rotation mostly because I was seeing very sick kids and rare diseases that didn’t benefit my medical knowledge and felt way over my knowledge base. I did learn a lot, however.
  • Things to brush up on prior to this rotation: immunization schedules, developmental milestones, congenital cardiac conditions, fevers and rashes in children, childhood exanthems.
  • This is an important rotation to watch your preceptor interact with the patient and family. Often in pediatric visits, the parents are as equally challenging as the actual child.  Learning how to interact with parents with a sick child, or even just a routine visit, is a valuable lesson. In addition, watch how your preceptor interacts with the child.  What tricks do they use to comfort the child enough to do a physical exam, give a vaccination, etc?

What is your best takeaway pearl from your Peds rotation that you could share with us? 

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