Favorite Things

This is the exact shoe Emily wears with her scrubs and will buy over and over again.

Lets Talk SHOES:
The PA profession requires you to stand for long hours, assist in the operating room and walk the hospitals rounding on patients.  We’ve been through shoe after shoe trying to find the most supportive brands that feels good and doesn’t look entirely nerdy/bulky (not that that matters).  Believe it or not, Sketchers has become Emily’s go to brand of shoe and she now recommends them to ALL of her patients complaining of foot, ankle, knee, hip or back pain.  “Sketchers have air cooled memory foam soles and feel like heaven on my feet.  They are affordable and quite honestly I like all the fun colors and patterns they come in.” As with any shoe, we recommend trying them on prior to buying.  To take a look at available styles, visit their website: https://www.skechers.com/en-us

Glitter bomb shoes
There are often discounts on their IG account, follow closely!

Another shoe brand Emily likes, which is not as practical but is certainly fashionable are Glitter Bomb Sneakers from an IG account she follows called SouthernFriedChics. They come in many different colors to match all types of scrubs (Emily may or may not have 4 different colors). “Working in medicine can be tiring and mentally draining. I do my best to keep things lighthearted and fun in  the work environment.  From bright scrubs to sparkly shoes it gives my patients and I a chance to talk about something less daunting than their orthopedic aches and pains for a second and plus it puts a smile on their face!”  To get your own follow this link: https://www.southernfriedchics.com/womens-other-shoes-s/4168.htm

Scrub a dub dub, all about SCRUBS:

There’s a saying that all the best things in life are free which we agree with wholeheartedly (cue discussion of student loans).  Therefore we do frequently wear scrubs from the hospital.  What’s better than 1. free and  2. they are washed, dried, folded and or hung waiting for your arrival!  However even free things get old after a while. There are a few brands of other scrubs that we have grown to love due to their comfort, style, and more importantly their platforms.

  • FIGS! FIGS is a newer brand of scrubs that frequently comes out with new styles.  These scrubs are aimed at those looking for a modernized and more form fitted scrub brand.  The material is SO soft they could be pajamas (not good for a day when you are extra tired).  The thing we like most about FIGS is that for every pair of scrubs purchased, a pair of scrubs is donated to a healthcare worker in need through their #threadsforthreads campaign.
    Check them out: https://www.wearfigs.com
  • Life-Threads! Life-Threads is a brand of scrubs that is not well known but is one of our favorites.  The material is soft and comfortable but most importantly is antimicrobial, antifungal, has a fluid barrier and odor control.  Emily has literally spilled alcohol, saline, and her lunch (yes she’s very messy) all over these scrubs and it just rolls right off!
    Check them out: http://www.life-threads.com
  • KOI! Another fashionable scrub brand with an amazing platform. Their scrubs are so comfortable with endless style options and colors. We’ve found that this brand has the brightest color options which helps brighten each patient visit we encounter and gives patients something to smile about. Koi is one of the only independently owned WOMAN RUN companies in the industry. Can we get a HELL YA!?
    Check them out: https://www.koihappiness.com

What’s in your white coat?  Here is our idea of what an ortho PA may need throughout the day. 


1.  Hair Tie: you never know when a trauma is coming through the door.

2.  Cell phone: Emily uses her cell phone as a pager, but in general as a PA-C you always need a phone to get a hold of your supervising doc and to answer pages *favorite apps: orthobullets, handbook of fractures, Epocrates

3.  Scissors or trauma shears: casting and splinting, removing clothing or bandages is a constant task of an ortho PA

4.  Goniometer to measure ROM

5.  Reflex hammer to test neurological response

6.  Smart Watch: can field important vs non important phone calls while interacting with patients, and it also tracks your steps!

7.  Pharmacy Reference of any kind

8.  PENS: PSA -> fun pens are easier to track down if stolen

9.  Arbonne lip gloss or chapstick

10.  Snacks: you never know when you’ll have a chance to break for food!